'Anti-cotton' 2020 - Framed Print

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This One-off handmade print using a heat press process I developed. 

Walnut Box framed with non-reflective glass. 

42 x 32 cm (Frame size)

Split batton hanging style. Stand sold separately.

This new work is an amalgamation of the two formats (vinyl heat press printing and photography with fabric) that I've been exploring in my practice over the last year (2019).⁠ 

After my last project 'Scroll', which featured printed images on a 12m. piece of material, I became fascinated not only by the effect of print on fabric, but also the sculptural and tactile elements it brought to the work.⁠

I started to experiment with different methods of printing onto fabric and developing a vinyl transfer process which I applied to the work. I feel that this series of works, ‘Vines', takes the classic genre of still life photography and marries it with form, texture, and shape.

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