Millennium Images Sixth Catalogue


Millennium Images is proud to announce the launch of its sixth catalogue, ‘AM/PM’ . With over 24 years of images and knowledge, Millennium has always been at the forefront of contemporary photography, seeking work from established and unlikely photographers to challenge and inspire our client base. This latest catalogue endeavors to build upon the library aesthetic. The concertina-style book explores the ‘workings of time’ through the Millennium extraordinary online photo library. Set over the 24 hour period this catalogue takes its viewer on a journey from the dead of night to the golden light of a summer afternoon.

Designed by the artist Jasper Jones this book draws from Jones’s latest photographic work, ‘Scroll’. Jones’s keen interested in the relationship between image plays throughout this book. The web of narrative that develops hour to hour, drawing the energy and intrigue out of the library was Jones’ goal.

Featuring 480 contributors this catalogue seeks to inspire our clients and celebrate the amazing talent of our contributors.

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