In the wonderful and sometimes daunting task of redesigning your home, the help of an interior designer can help ease the task at hand. With the plethora of options out there and endless inspiration its hard to channel the right look for your space . My approach with each project is to work with the client closely, find out their needs, wants and dreams for their space.  Build a plan and design language that reflects the clients design goals

My path into interior design has come from a mixed development of skills, with a background in curation, photography and film. Through these medias, I draw a lot of my inspiration, creating spaces that use art to heighten and inform the space. 



Over a 2 to 4 hour period, we will run through the space, discuss the design, layout and goal. The aim of this process is to offer some quick and helpful advice on your space. This service starts at £250 for a session.

Design Plan 

Drawing from a consultation, I will build a design plan for your space. This will include Mood-boards, 3D renders and a selection of samples that help build a clear plan for your space. 

Project Manager 

For the full package, I offer a project manager roll, seeing your project from start to finish. With design plans, 3D renders, budgets and timetables. Working closely with you to design the space. I will manage all the trades, orders and delivery of the project. 

For more information and any enquiries please feel free to drop me an email.

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